The Black Warrior and Other Poems by Denizé Lauture

Denize Lauture Black Warrior and Other Poems

ISBN-13: 978-1930068315
Published January 2006
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The Black Warrior and Other Poems showcases Lauture’s powerfully unadorned verse. Strands of French and Creole dot the surface of this mostly English-language work, evoking both Lauture’s Haitian origins and present-day realities as a politically engaged college professor in the Bronx.

Denizé Lauture’s poetry uses simple words that create striking and unexpected images carrying the light and the freshness of the air of the high altitudes where he was born and cannot forget, with the intent of helping to change an unjust society. Thus, his poetry is functional in order to awaken those stuck in lethargic indifference.

—Franck Laraque


About the Author

Denizé Lauture, first born of 13 peasant children, migrated to the US from Haiti in 1968. He is a professor of French and Spanish at St Thomas Aquinas College in Sparkill and lives in the Bronx. Lauture writes in Creole, English, and French. He is the author of Blues of the Lightning Metamorphosis, Father and Son, Running the Road to ABC, Mothers and Daughters, The Curse of the Poet, and When the Denizen Weeps.