Brendan Lorber

Kimberly Lyons

The Practice of Residue

Sarah Manguso

Free Radicals: American Poets Before Their First Books
(editor with Jordan Davis)

Bill Marsh

Tao Drops, I Change

(with Steve Carll)

John McNally

Exes for Eyes

Mette Moestrup


Jennifer Moxley

The Middle Room

Dirk Rowntree

War, the Musical
(with Robert Fitterman)

Prageeta Sharma

Bliss to Fill

Caroline Sinavaiana

Mohawk/Samoa: Transmigrations
(with James Thomas Stevens)

Alchemies of Distance

(as Caroline Sinavaiana-Gabbard)

James Thomas Stevens

Mohawk/Samoa: Transmigrations
(with Caroline Sinavaiana)

Edwin Torres

Fractured Humorous

John Wilkinson

Oort’s Cloud

Max Winter

Walking Among Them